Keeping your staff updated on UnionWare training will help you retain and grow your thriving membership


Empower your staff to automate tasks, improve response times, and navigate efficiently with UnionWare Training. Harness data for strategic decision-making and drive membership growth.


Virtual Based


Custom Training


Onboarding Packages

We welcome the opportunity to train your organization’s staff continuously – whether you have a new hire, system administrator replacement, or an employee needing a UnionWare “tune-up.” No matter what courses you select, UnionWare Training will improve your ability to leverage UnionWare software so you can better service your members.

Virtual Classroom – Instructor-Led Web-Based Courses

Empower your staff with UnionWare's virtual classroom courses. Led by instructors, these web-based training programs are perfect for in-house and remote teams. With classes scheduled at your convenience, typically lasting 2 – 3 hours, you can save on travel expenses and learn from anywhere. Have each class tailored to your audience. You only need a computer and an internet connection to watch, listen and learn about the application. Boost productivity with UnionWare's flexible virtual training.

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  • Tailored for your UnionWare audience
  • Custom programs with U Drive
  • Live instructor
  • Small Group interactive training allows questions to be answered in real-time
  • Flexible scheduling of classes
  • No travel costs incurred for your staff or your UnionWare instructor
  • Minimal technology required – typically a computer with high-speed internet, webcam, and speakers or headset



  • Virtual platform delivery
  • Course Objectives and learning outcomes
  • Syllabus based
  • Dedicated training environment
  • Recording available
  • Additional support materials
  • Test data deleted after course completion
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Who Should Attend UnionWare Training?

  • New UnionWare clients
  • New staff from high turnover
  • Replacement Administrators
  • Staff without recent training
  • Organizations that have purchased new modules

Equip your team with the necessary skills to grow with UnionWare's evolving software.

Tailored for members such as

  • New Hires: Staff new to UnionWare
  • UnionWare Administrators and Decision-makers
  • End User: Non-managerial staff members
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME): Established staff familiar with organizational operations
  • Team Lead: Non-managerial staff overseeing a team
  • IT or Technology Support
  • Anyone in need of a UnionWare skills "tune-up"
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Virtual Classroom Fees & Courses Offerings

We want our clients to be successful and leverage the full power of UnionWare. That’s why we put so much effort into planning and preparing each class tailored for your organization. We offer a comprehensive selection of courses and training programs. Intro to UnionWare is the pre-requisite for all courses. All of our of Small Group training fees below include up to 5 students.

Onboarding Packages

For post-implementation new hires, replacement administrators, or long-standing end users that need a UnionWare tune-up, our Onboarding Packages combine a set of courses sensibly and for less than it would cost to take the courses individually.




Target User



System Administrator

  • Intro to UnionWare
  • UnionWare Search & Grids Administration
  • Intro to ULink
  • UnionWare Security & User Management

Plus, administrative courses relative to your UnionWare configuration

New or recently hired UnionWare Administrator or Equivalent, IT or Tech Support

Allow 18 – 30 hours2

Starting at $6,000 USD

$8,000 CAD

$9,000 AUD

Onboarding Basic

Intro to UnionWare
UnionWare Search & Grids


New or recently hired UnionWare User or End User in need of a tune-up

Allow 6 hours

$2,500 USD

$3,400 CAD

$3,900 AUD

Onboarding Advanced

Onboarding Basic plus Intro to ULink

New or recently hired UnionWare User or End User in need of a tune-up

Allow 8 hours over 2 consecutive days

$3,500 USD

$4,700 CAD

$5,400 AUD


  1. Includes up to 5 students.
  2. We will work with your scheduling requirements to determine the exact timing for your program.


U Drive - A Custom Training Experience

For an elevated and custom experience, we offer U Drive, where organizations work with the instructor to design their training curriculum. Our highly experienced instructor will conduct an upfront analysis to identify your student’s knowledge gaps in the system and make a recommendation as to what training will fill those gaps.




Target User



U Drive Standard

Custom training to cover what’s important to you. Examples include your organization’s customizations, the mechanics of your processes / SOP, business requirements, and using terminology specific to your application.





Allow 3 hours

$2,000 USD

$2,700 CAD

$3,100 AUD

U Drive Extended

Allow 6 hours

$4,000 USD

$5,400 CAD

$6,200 AUD


A la Carte Courses

Our catalog offerings cater to your specific application and use case.



Course Length



Allow 2 hours

$1,000 USD

$1,300 CAD

$1,500 AUD


Allow 3 hours

$1,500 USD

$2,000 CAD

$2,300 AUD


Allow 6 hours

$3,000 USD

$4,000 CAD

$4,600 AUD

1. Includes up to 5 students.


Course #

Course Title

Target User



Intro to UnionWare1

New Hire, Refresher



Intro to ULink

New Hire, Refresher



Intermediate Membership

Membership Clerk, Membership End User



Advanced Membership

Membership Supervisor, Team Lead, SME, Administrator



Advanced UnionWare Techniques

Administrator or Equivalent, IT or Technology Support



Email & Letter Templates

Membership Supervisor, Team Lead, SME, Administrator,

Case Supervisor, Team Lead, SME, Administrator



UnionWare Security & User Management

UnionWare Administrator or Equivalent, IT or Technology Support



Calls Module / Member Resource Center

Member Resource Center Clerk



Electronic File Import Processing

End User, Finance Clerk



Cases End User (Enterprise)

Case End Users



Cases Module Administration

Case Administrator, SME



Events Module

Events End User



Events Module Administration

Events Administrator, SME



Dues Processing

Finance End User



Finance Dues & File Import Administration

Finance Administrator, SME



Organizing End User

Organizing End User



Organizing Administration

Organizing Administrator, Organizing Manager, Organizing Lead, UnionWare Administrator



UnionWare Search & Grid

All Users



UnionWare Search & Grid Administration

UnionWare Administrator or Equivalent, IT or Technology Support



MemberLink Administration

UnionWare Administrator or Equivalent, IT or Technology Support, Communications Department, Marketing Department


 1. Pre-requisite for all courses.


What’s the difference between Small Group and Seminar style training?

UnionWare provides both Small Group and Seminar style virtual classroom options.

Small Group training provides a live UnionWare instructor that allows for an intimate and interactive session where colleagues may collaborate with each other and pose real-time questions to the instructor. This type of training is geared toward organizations with post-implementation new hires and administrators, existing staff requiring refresher training, “Train-the-Trainer” programs, and students who require more individualized attention. Up to five students may attend a Small Group course.

Seminars are taught by a live instructor in a “one-way” lecture style without interruption during the course. New clients in implementation typically receive Seminar style training as part of your implementation program. Seminars suit new clients that do not have their own training staff or would like to train staff new to UnionWare at once. On rare occasions, we may offer a seminar style for post-implementation clients.

Virtual Classroom Program
  1. Virtual classroom courses are facilitator-led programs delivered via a virtual platform. Small Group training includes up to 5 students and is a two-way interactive session, allowing for questions and participation in real time. Our Seminar training delivers in a one-way lecture style and in intended for clients in implementation and is priced as part of your implementation. Please contact us if you are interested in Seminar training for existing staff or new hires.
  2. Course durations vary slightly. Most Quick courses last 90 minutes to 2 hours. Standard courses last about 3 hours. An Extended course runs about 6 hours. Students may schedule a max per day of:
    1. 1 Quick and 1 Standard
    2. 3 Quick
    3. 2 Standard
    4. 1 Extended
  3. We will work with your scheduling requirements to determine the exact timing for your program. All courses are delivered on the same day except for System Administrator Replacement and New Hire Advanced.
  4. Courses follow a syllabus tailored for your UnionWare audience in a dedicated training environment.
  5. From time to time, a client has a need our catalog does not cover. When this happens, contact us to discuss U Drive, a totally customized training solution.
  6. We require all courses to be scheduled in advance with at least 2 weeks’ notice. We will work with your scheduling requirements to determine the exact dates and times for your program.
  7. Fees charged for Virtual classroom do not include equipment. We recommend a high-speed internet connection with speakers. Ideally, students will have access to a webcam, microphone and headset.
  8. We will provide a recording of your training. Recording may only be used within your organization. You may not reproduce or share the recording outside of your organization.
  9. Prices quoted in US dollars.
  10. All virtual classroom programs will be invoiced upon completion and payment due upon receipt. Applicable taxes apply.
  11. Clients must provide notice of cancellation/delay a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to scheduled event. If a client cancels within 5 business days of the scheduled training, a 25% penalty of the total cost of the training will be applied. If the client cancels within 3 business days, a 50% penalty of the total cost of the training will be applied. If the client cancels within 1 business day, a 100% penalty of the total cost of the training will be applied.

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