Plan a successful and on-time
UnionWare implementation with
Analyze U

Define the scope, unique requirements, accurate timelines, and key resources to deliver value-added


UnionWare is a specialized, all-in-one enterprise management software designed for unions and associations to transform your operations, so you can focus on providing exceptional services to your growing membership. UnionWare is tailored to meet your organization's unique needs by streamlining and automating member management, payments, and data handling.

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Sounds great, but…

  • Where do we begin since nobody operates their union like we do?
  • What will it cost to tailor a solution to our specific needs?
  • How do we import and transform all our data that we’ve spent years gathering?


Clarity starts with our Analyze U consultative program

Our expert team will help articulate your requirements – both your needs and wants. We translate and document our conversations, so you walk away with an easy-to-digest scope of work, estimate of costs, and plan to implement – long before a programmer ever touches a keyboard.


Collaboration with our specialists is like working with an architect to build a new house. We develop the plans well before construction begins. Agree the scope and cost of the services engagement before the build starts, which manages expectations of your team and ours.

With this program, we help you:

  • Ease into Change Management
  • Communicate with our team using your business terms, not consulting jargon
  • Streamline your processes and workflow
  • Automate and replicate processes where possible
  • Consolidate data into a single solution
  • Define the scope and project plan for the implementation
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Our team will...

  • Interview your staff to identify pain points, needs, and wants
  • Review current Client methodology, documentation, procedure evaluations, and processes to develop a baseline
  • Translate the baseline findings into high-level business requirements
  • Estimate cost of customization and data migration
  • Present results
  • Provide one scope or estimate refinement


Deliverables – The Analyze U Presentation provides:

  • Customization and data migration scope
  • A comprehensive set of business requirements and data analysis
  • Revised cost estimates and schedule for Professional Services
  • A Statement of Work to proceed with the implementation

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