Everything in One Powerful System

Imagine having all your union data stored in one place—updated in real-time and available across your entire organization. A database just for unions that’s fast, efficient, and integrated, built by a team of union specialists that genuinely know what you need and how you work. That’s the power of UnionWare.


Automate Seamless Operations

Make union management more practical with powerful, cloud-based software to streamline your operation management ecosystem. Offer staff an easy and intuitive platform to help improve efficiencies. Our fully integrated solution lets you and your team focus on boosting performance.



The interface for deep functionality. Primary users will be those who do high volumes of data entry and processing, create complex searches and reports, and administer and control system security, function, and configuration settings.


TransferLink is the answer for employers that don’t provide you with electronic data due to privacy concerns. This website securely imports files from any third-party stakeholder, like employers, lawyers, insurance companies, and arbitrators, so that you can eliminate error-prone data entry and network storage issues.


MemberLink is your direct, online connection with union members and stewards. Members who log into this secure website receive essential union updates and materials and can submit information directly to UnionWare. Members love it because you tailor the content to their profile – all online!

API Framework

UnionWare data is accessible through APIs, so integrating your websites, apps, and programs is easy to set up and manage.


The interface is for those who prefer or require web and mobile use of membership tools and data.


There’s a great deal of information in your database, but it’s only beneficial if you can quickly get it out when you need it. Flexible reporting is central to UnionWare, and there are many options.

Hosted by UnionWare

Secure with Us

Hosting with UnionWare means your data is safe and sound and accessible from anywhere. 

All you need is internet

Take advantage of our secure facility storage, TLS encryption, secure firewalls, and routine backups and maintenance.


Discover The Benefits of Uniting with UnionWare

Explore UnionWare and experience software solutions built exclusively with labor unions in mind.