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Unions Require The Right Experience Across the Union Landscape

As a dedicated union leader, you know that protecting your members' rights and benefits is your top priority. UnionWare understands the intricacies and challenges you face in the complex world of unions. That's why, for over 25 years, we've been exclusively partnering with unions like yours. Leverage our extensive experience and industry-leading expertise to navigate the union landscape confidently. United, we are stronger.

Get the right optimization and insight capabilities with union membership software.

We collaborate with you to create a tailored, strategic plan by harnessing valuable insights from your union membership software database, enabling you to:

  • Build strong relationships with union workers
  • Streamline operations for greater efficiency
  • Automate communication processes
  • Attract new members and retain existing ones
A dashboard that's part of UnionWare, the top union membership software

Our union membership software empowers your organization to achieve success, fostering a united and resilient union community


Union Membership Management

UnionWare securely stores all membership information and data in a centralized database, making it easy to access and manage. This streamlined system enables you to engage with your members and execute your strategies effectively.


Dues Processing Made Easy

Say goodbye to time-consuming and complicated union dues processing. With UnionWare, enjoy a seamless and precise experience, whether importing or manually entering data. Our Finances module keeps track of every member transaction, including dues, initiation fees, premiums, and contributions, ensuring accuracy and organization.


Seamless Payment Services

With UPay, you effortlessly accept dues and other payments online through a unified platform. Say goodbye to juggling multiple systems, as UPay is integrated into UnionWare Core – offering you the convenience you need without additional licensing fees or monthly UnionCare costs.

Your Partner in Union Success

We believe in your union's unique mission, and our commitment is to support you every step of the way. We collaborate closely with you to understand your strengths, challenges, and opportunities, enabling us to create a customized solution tailored to your union's specific needs.

Empowering union members and staff to build a stronger organization

UnionWare is dedicated to fostering growth in your union by offering secure, convenient services for your members and an all-in-one system for your staff to enhance operational efficiencies.

Member ID card, representing union membership software's ability to create member profiles

Customizable & Complete

Experience a single configurable and easy-to-use-union membership software solution that enables your operations to run more efficiently so you can deliver exceptional service to members.

Credit card, representing union membership software's ability to manage payments

Safe & Secure

Provide your members a convenient, safe and secure payment processing system for dues, events, and union membership payments.

Gears, representing how union membership software keeps your organization running

Support for Scalability

UnionWare is highly adaptable to your union membership management needs. Your solution can be enhanced or new features can be added on to meet evolving demands.

Professionals walking and talking, representing how union membership software brings people together

Unions like yours are unlike any other form of organization.

You need union specialists who understand your unique operation, culture, challenges, and needs. When you choose UnionWare, you leverage the knowledge, experience, and processes we’ve developed over two decades working exclusively with unions. Only with this experience and understanding can your membership's full potential be realized and transformed into actionable insights.


Our team is experts in analyzing and understanding all types of union processes, data, and systems to optimize, clean, and migrate it all into UnionWare. From Discovery to Go Live – we learn about how you work and look for opportunities for your data to finally work for you.


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