Enhance UnionWare’s Core Solutions with Additional Features

Multiple robust features enable your organization to bolster its union ecosystem with optimum convenience and powerful capabilities, allowing you to better engage and organize new members, mobilize and communicate, and service and protect members.


This module puts everything organizers need at their fingertips, so they make more meaningful connections in less time. Real-time updates give you valuable insights into progress – in the office or out in the field.


With the Cases module, everything related to grievances, arbitrations, complaints, and claims is at your fingertips. Milestones and action items trigger alerts, so you’re always prepared to represent your members.

Event Coordination

Coordinating events can be mind-boggling if details are scattered across spreadsheets and programs. This module brings everything into focus – before, onsite, and after the event.

Contract Management

If preparation is the key to successful negotiations, the Contracts module is your secret weapon. Every detail and negotiation step is tracked, so your bargaining committee is in lockstep on deadlines, procedures, and documentation.

Dispatch & Placement

This module takes the grunt work out of getting the right member for the job. UnionWare’s powerful search algorithms help you identify the best candidates – every time.

Call Management

Frontline union staff are the gateway to important member details. Give them the tools they need to manage calls and collect information that will help you gain more valuable insights into your relationships.

Union Event Organized with Union Membership Software

Capture and explore data like never before – anytime, anywhere

Simple, intuitive, and powerful, ULink requires only a modern web browser or web-enabled mobile device.

Web Forms

Why wait? Electronic signatures are easily captured during conversations in the field using this optional module and ULink. And yes, email confirmations (or another specified follow-up) are automatically generated.

Geocode Maps

The PinPoint plug-in helps visualize your data on interactive maps using precise geographic coordinates on any device. Target member visits and communications based on political districts, turf, or organizationally-defined regions.

Text Messages

Whether you’re welcoming a new member or broadcasting updates during a strike or rally, text messages are the fastest way to connect with your community. The SMS Messaging module is a vital tool for responsive communications.

Email Receiver

Forward emails to a mailbox, and the information are automatically linked to a member, grievance, or any other specified record in UnionWare. And there it is – everything in one place, everyone on the same page.

Address Verification

Wrong addresses mean costly returned mail and delivery delays. This plug-in verifies addresses both as they are entered, and in batches, so you have more accurate data, lower postal fees, and better mail‐outs.


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