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Transform your member, employer and other data into interactive maps

Struggling with your data? Having trouble allocating resources? If so, this plug-in module can help.

PinPoint combines and visualizes multiple dimensions of data by:

  • Finding the most precise locations of your members, worksites, and more
  • Plotting coordinates on familiar and interactive Google maps
  • Visualizing how your data is represented within defined map areas
  • Allowing instant access to details about any data point

Strategically create turfs and assign resources such as field reps, organizers, and volunteers. Target member communications and visits, based on political districts, turf or organizationally-defined regions. Use it on the fly to identify and navigate to members within turf on your mobile device.


Plug-in Highlights 

  • View records in interactive Google maps with zoom in/out display
  • Click or tap an address on any device to instantly view it on a map and get directions
  • At a glance, see how members and employers are grouped on a map, then drill down to the details
  • Accelerate data entry and improve accuracy with address autocomplete.
  • Specialized maps within the Organizing module give field staff an edge during site and house visits
  • Pinpoint your members within the boundaries of map areas (e.g., electoral districts, turfs)
  • All data with an address (e.g., members, employers) is automatically geocoded based on precise latitude and longitude coordinates
  • U.S. ZIP Codes are automatically converted to ZIP+4 format
  • Send addresses from search results to maps
  • All maps are embedded in ULink