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Accelerate your organizing efforts

This module puts everything organizers need at their fingertips, so they make more meaningful connections in less time. Real-time updates give you valuable insights into progress – in the office and in the field (this is where ULink really shines).

  • Easily capture and explore data using mobile-friendly organizing tools
  • Configure both internal and external campaigns, and easily track their progress
  • Configure as many contact sheets as you need and analyze results so you can fine-tune as you go
  • View campaign and blitz summaries
  • Set up activities, then track participation in everything from wearing a pin to attending an event
  • Track colour-coded assessments to identify leaders, quickly spot any gaps and focus efforts on building support
  • Map worksites so you can easily locate contacts
  • Assign turf using an interactive map, either automatically or selectively, from within a blitz.
  • Let trusted algorithms determine optimum walking routes complete with directions and contact sheets
  • Capture electronic signatures in the field and automatically upload information using the optional Web Forms module
  • Retain key information collected during organizing campaigns as potential members join your organization
  • Help members become involved in your campaigns and blitzes with Grassroots Organizing