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FinancesTrack every penny

Say farewell to slow, cumbersome dues processing. Whether imported or manually entered in UnionWare, processing is streamlined and accurate – down to the penny. The Finances module tracks every member transaction, including dues, initiation fees, premiums, and contributions. This module is part of Enterprise Core.

  • Process employer remittances using batches and track payments through to deposits
  • Quickly process paper lists with pre-populated batches (e.g., members, amounts) and save time by ordering rows and columns to match the employer file
  • Import a wide variety of file types for electronic dues batches, including Excel spreadsheets, comma-separated, and fixed length text files
  • Configure specific rules and defaults for each remittance, including flexible matching algorithms that automatically associate imported records with existing members
  • Selectively use the valuable information included with many remittances to update your membership information
  • Track the employer’s version of information and eliminate future exceptions without compromising the quality of your data
  • Keep data current by reviewing batch exceptions to resolve differences or create/update member records
  • Quickly compare member status and dues payments to identify potential changes (e.g., in good standing but no dues payment, suspended yet dues received)
  • Retrieve and export posted transactions to meet reporting requirements easily
  • View the status and result of one-time and recurring payments made through UPay
  • Access dues and seniority files transmitted through TransferLink with a single click