Member issues come in many varieties and the Cases Module handles them all.

Grievances (individual, group, policy, classification), arbitrations, complaints, disability and compensation (WCB/WSIB) claims require similar work flow and research capabilities. Through the Cases Module you can track steps, actions, notes, documents, expenses, outcomes and awards.

Work flow is automated based on configurable templates. Each case can be linked to one or more participants (e.g. members, case managers, supervisors, legal counsel). UnionWare's modular architecture makes case information available in other areas such as MemberLink, ULink and the Contracts Module.


  • Track many types of cases and secure each separately.
  • Use types, statuses, outcomes, keywords, case linking, and other categorization tools to make research easy.
  • Track the key players and their roles, including members, legal counsel, arbitrators, stewards, witnesses and staff reps.
  • Assign cases to several users and split the duties.
  • Grievance procedures and timelines are represented as templates with matching workflow and automated reminders.
  • Compose and track mail-merge letters and emails with specifics from the case.
  • Track details of expenses incurred and awards received.
  • Notes track and capture all communications related to the case; note security settings ensure that privacy is maintained.
  • Upload scans and other documents; search documents using keywords.
  • Automatically number your cases with a variety of options.
  • Link to specific language in the collective agreement when integrated with the Contracts Module.
  • Visualize all actions assigned to you in a single ULink calendar.
  • Create a case directly from a note on a member, or from a call in the Call Management Module.