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UnionCare: We’re with you every step of the way.


The UnionCare program is based on the premise that unions purchase software to help them achieve goals. It seems obvious, but it’s a critically important point for us because that’s where we start – with your goals.

During the Discovery process, our team dives deep to determine what you need, then we tailor a solution for you. It’s the same group of experts you’ll work with during implementation, and well beyond. For example, if you call us with a question, you’ll recognize the friendly voice who answers. Your dedicated team understands your operations and goals so they can help you navigate challenges and opportunities as they arise.

Your dedicated team

Each team has experts in project management, analysis, software development, and technical support.

Unlimited online and telephone support

Thought you could do something but now you’re stuck? Something not working quite right? When you need us, we’re always here for you.

UnionCare also includes:


We’re always adding new features, improving performance, and fixing issues. UnionCare coverage ensures you don’t fall behind on all the new stuff. Get up to three upgrades each year, on us!

Learning materials

Get access to a wealth of online reference and training materials. Product manuals, how-to videos, and the latest release notes are only a click away. Or sign up for one of our scheduled webinars to get a refresher on a particular UnionWare topic. All included with UnionCare support.

Client Summit

Every two years we invite our client community to join us at the UnionWare Summit. UnionCare Support gets you a reserved seat at this unique opportunity to help us set direction and learn from your peers.