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Instructor-led training

Our experienced instructors balance expert software knowledge with a keen understanding of union environments to deliver unparalleled learning experiences.

Training sessions are delivered online and in classroom settings where you have the opportunity to learn alongside peers from other unions. We also offer customized programs that ensure your organization gets maximum value for your technology investment. For example, training during implementation is done with a replica of your system and data so your user team is fully prepared for the UnionWare launch. Whether you’re getting started with UnionWare, looking for a refresher, or mastering new features, we have a training session for you.

On-demand training

With a vast collection of videos and manuals at your fingertips, it’s easy to do a quick refresher and learn new features.

Your dedicated support team is available to recommend training services and materials for your unique needs.


Hosted by our instructors several times a month, our webinars cover a variety of informative topics.