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Web Forms

Tap, sign, and submit – it’s that easy

The Web Forms module is available in both ULink and MemberLink and allows PDF documents to be pre-filled with information, completed, and then signed electronically – even from mobile devices. 

  • Available in both ULink and MemberLink interfaces
  • Replace any paper form with an online one to capture ‘in-the-moment’ sentiments and increase response rates
  • Improve data accuracy with pre-populated fields and validations
  • Capture electronic signatures using a mouse, stylus, or finger
  • Complete the process to merge all pieces together into a PDF that gets stored in UnionWare
  • Set rules to trigger a business process (e.g., create grievance file) and automate follow-ups (e.g., email confirmation to  signee and alert a staff member)
  • Associate forms with any types of records (e.g., member, employer, worksite, case/grievance)
  • Post web forms to your members-only website using this module in MemberLink