Who It's For

UnionWare Enterprise for your prganization's 'Super Users' - those who input data and control the integrity of member and financial information.

ulink-peopleULink is designed for everyone else:

  • Users who want access to key data while out of the office or while using a mobile device.
  • Staff who need quick and easy access to member details but don't need the full power of UnionWare Enterprise.
  • Users in regional and remote offices.
  • Reps and LROs who are constantly in the field in front of members.

It's all that some team members may need

ULink may be the only UnionWare tool some users need – allowing them to search, view results, track recent activity, add and edit basic member and job information, add or update cases, perform simple tasks, and much more. ULink gives them access to key information without having to install any software.

Extends access for Enterprise users

Your established UnionWare Enterprise 'Super Users' can also use ULink to quickly access key information while away from their desks or out of the office, helping them be more responsive and proactive.