Powered by UnionWare Enterprise

You'll need UnionWare Enterprise to run ULink – that's because ULink is works across all the UnionWare modules and data that your organization already uses. Just like in Enterprise, users can customize and organize the way they view their data, for easy access anytime – and from virtually anywhere. And you can easily manage which users have access to what information.

Ongoing upgrades and enhancements – Expect regular ULink enhancements and new features as we continue to innovate alongside ever-changing mobile devices and browser technologies.

ULink Features:

  • Links directly to all your UnionWare Enterprise data
  • Online access through modern web browsers
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Ground-breaking visualization tools
  • Easy to use, no training required for most users
  • Comes with quick and easy online videos and guide
  • Live and actionable data: street addresses turn into maps, phone numbers actually dial on smartphones, email addresses and websites open as expected
  • Customizable screen layouts
  • Multiple column configurations
  • Movable content blocks
  • Expandable content blocks - hide 
irrelevant data and reveal important results
  • Recent history shared between Enterprise and ULink
  • Saved searches built in Enterprise are accessible in ULink
  • Interactive and subscribed calendars
  • Administered through and upgraded along with UnionWare Enterprise
  • Shared permission privileges and security settings
  • 128-bit encryption ensures your private data is safe and secure