How It Works

ULink is so powerful, yet so simple to use.

From within your head office, remote offices, or anywhere in the field, with a simple mobile or web-enabled device everyone on your team is instantly up to date, empowered to respond, and free to apply their unique skills and knowledge.


ULink lets you see, analyze and use all your important data:

  • The most powerful and simple search tool you'll ever use – ULink looks across all the data your organization already uses and displays results in meaningful ways.
  • Keep current – all your data and activities are securely integrated across the entire UnionWare platform. No matter when or where ULink is accessed, your recent activity and reminders will be available on every page – even when you switch computers or mobile devices throughout the day!
  • Set your own preferences – customize and organize the way you view your information to suit your needs.  Show all the information you need to do your job, and hide unnecessary information to remove unwanted clutter.
  • Use across multiple devices and platforms - ULink works across platforms in modern web browsers. Best of all, its interface automatically optimizes for smaller screen sized like smartphones.
  • Intuitive and easy to use – ULink is designed to look and feel like familiar web applications you use every day, so no training is necessary for most users.
  • Data that’s live and actionable – in ULink, street addresses turn into maps, phone numbers actually dial, email addresses let you start writing, and web links let you browse.
  • Secure access & control – once a user is set up in Enterprise, their security permissions automatically apply in ULink. No additional work is required.  You can also control which applications each user may access.