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Securely connect with external stakeholders – the easy way

TransferLink is the answer for employers that don’t provide you with electronic data due to privacy concerns. This website securely imports files from any third-party stakeholder, like employers, lawyers, insurance companies, and arbitrators so that you can eliminate error-prone data entry and network storage issues.

  • Overcome employers’ objections to sending private information electronically with this secure portal
  • Securely transfer files with 128-bit encryption and store them in UnionWare – no more lost emails, misplaced files or complicated FTP issues

What makes TransferLink secure?

The technology that makes TransferLink so secure is the same as what banks use to secure your financial data. The TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol uses encryption algorithms to scramble website data in transit. This technology safeguards sensitive data that is being sent between two systems, preventing hackers from reading and modifying any information (including potential personal details).

You know a website is secure when it’s URL begins with “https” (hyper text transfer protocol secure) and displays a valid certificate. TransferLink is always compatible with the latest version of the TLS standard. TLS is the successor protocol to, and improved version of, SSL, and works in much the same way.

TLS offers the same level of encryption as would a secure FTP site, but in a much more user-friendly package, with fewer variables in the transfer, and without the setup hassle.

Another common security concern is the strength of user passwords. TransferLink not only lets users change their password, but it also forces them to adhere to your organization’s UnionWare password policy. When someone uploads a file through TransferLink, it flows straight into the UnionWare database, which has its own robust security. Files never get saved on a web, network, FTP or email server.

  • Associate files with the sender and any other specified records in UnionWare (e.g., cases, worksites)
  • View notes/comments sent with files
  • Automate workflow and follow-ups (e.g., email confirmation to sender and alert staff members)
  • Create unlimited login credentials
  • Track full usage statistics and history – uploads are organized in chronological order, so you don’t have to worry about version control
  • Automatically import employers’ dues remittance files to the Finance module
  • Accept new work orders from employers in the Dispatch module