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There’s a great deal of information in your database, but it’s only truly useful if you can easily get it out when you need it.

Flexible reporting is central to UnionWare, and there are many options.
Insights ReportingReports compiled from specific logic are built into our products and allow users to run them at any time, supplying additional data and parameters as needed. The result might take one of several forms, the most traditional and familiar being the “predesigned” report which can be set to the printer or exported to a variety of formats including PDF.

Think mailing labels, membership cards, name tags, and statements.

On occasion, the output must be a file with a specific format, perhaps for a mailing house, your bank, or the GL. In UnionWare, users can generate exports just as easily as they can reports.

But often, interacting with your data is most important. Whether it’s monthly counts in a date range, or a list of members and demographics, UnionWare Enterprise’s flexible, dynamic and interactive (Excel-like) grid is the most powerful tool for understanding your information like never before.

Search and ReportingBuilt-in reports are great and have their place, but there’s an even better way to get data out of UnionWare. And it’s so easy; we hope you’ll never have to run a report again.

Searching satisfies most reporting needs in UnionWare.

Need a list of every member employed at a worksite? How about contact details for all active stewards? All grievances opened in the last 30 days? You can do all this and more with UnionWare’s powerful search capabilities.

There are two basic concepts: what you want and how you want to see it.

To get what you want, you can search on virtually any field, and as many at a time as you like. You also use wildcards and special “operators” that take you beyond just “equals”.

For example, search between two dates, find names that start or end a certain way, locate fields with or without data, and even look for matches using multiple values from a drop down list all at once. And do all this in one powerful yet simple search.

Need even more power? Switch to Advanced mode and build the most complex of queries without ever leaving UnionWare. Need to find members having or missing prerequisites? Special INTERSECT and EXCLUDE options handle that. Want to use the same field more than once? Advanced Search lets you do just that as you apply an order of operations using brackets and AND/OR operators.

Once you have your results, there’s almost no limit to what you can do in the search results grid.

Deciding how you want to see your data has never been easier – just choose one of the preloaded sets of columns before you search. UnionWare comes loaded with many popular combinations which system administrators can maintain or use as templates to create new ones.

Change the order of rows and columns with a click of your mouse. Group similar information to get a quick summary. Change the appearance to make important data stand out.

Like what you’ve done? Save your criteria and layout to use them again and again, even from ULink. Instantly export your results to Excel, even as a pivot table, or other popular formats.

Not everyone knows how or when to query the database, but UnionWare has them covered.

Email Dashboards assembles and summarizes data, then automatically emails a dashboard to a distribution list, so executives, managers, and others get regular updates on union operations.

Circulate monthly rosters and other up-to-date lists. Share vital counts and statistics, such as open grievances and campaign progress. Notify your team of actionable data, like new hires to visit, or recent event registrations. Even create automated alerts to data anomalies, including possibly duplicated members.

Email DashboardThese handy communications often include the results of searches, but can also display charts, gauges, and other information. Create as many Email Dashboards as you need. Add as much content to each as you like, and in the format you want. Decide exactly who receives the emails, whether that be users, stewards, members, company contacts, or specific email addresses. Choose the frequency and time of day for each dashboard. Then sit back and let UnionWare do the rest.

VisualizationsThe ability to visualize data provides insight, makes connections that we can act upon, and ultimately drives better-informed decisions.

ULink’s dynamic visualization tools help you examine, understand and truly see your union in new ways.

There are plenty of visualizations from which to choose.

Interactive charts reveal membership counts and other important trends. Configurable pivot tables help you summarize and understand unrelated data.

Familiar Google Maps (part of PinPoint) locate and aid in targeting your members and worksites. Data-driven calendars display events like steward training and arbitration hearings and even integrate with personal agendas.

New in 2019 – a brand new way to report!

We’ve updated our reporting mechanism and built a more convenient way to interact with your data that works just as well on a mobile device as on a PC.

In ULink, you can now:

  • Preview formatted reports
  • Search, filter, and drill into your data
  • Print and export reports to a variety of modern formats
  • All from your phone or tablet!