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UnionWare requires a modern database server, a web server, and technical resources to support them. Clients without IT expertise often host “in the cloud” with UnionWare. In this scenario, we take care of pretty much everything for you. All you need is Internet connectivity so your staff can access UnionWare from anywhere. Our secure facility has incredibly fast Internet, fire suppression, and emergency backup power.

Some advantages of hosting with us:

  • Your data is stored on modern database servers.
  • Web applications are hosted on separate web servers using TLS encryption.
  • Security firewalls are in place to protect your data.
  • All necessary software licenses are included.
  • Your database is backed up regularly.
  • All routine server maintenance is included.

Technical Requirements

You’ll need the following infrastructure to host a UnionWare solution:

  • A modern database server running the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition.
  • A web server running IIS with the necessary security certificates installed.
  • A firewall between the SQL Server and the Internet.
  • A VPN or terminal server for non-web remote office access or Enterprise access from a Mac.
  • IT staff/consultants to handle hardware maintenance, software patches, and database backups.