Online Applications

Online ApplicationsWe aren’t talking about ‘lite’ versions of existing UnionWare modules. Our Online Applications are powerful tools in their own right, ones that will empower your specialists to fulfill their roles like never before, and that provide your organization with completely new and yet vitally important capabilities. UnionWare continues to evolve our suite of leading edge on-line applications in support of your mobile workers in the field, for individuals who need the ability to access and view specific data from anywhere, and for remote offices or branches.

product ulink small

ULink is a simple, intuitive, and powerful link into all your UnionWare data. All you need is a modern web browser or web-enabled mobile device to make use of this powerful application.

product memberlink

MemberLink is a secure web site designed for your members; providing them with a more personalized and private set of information than they would otherwise get from your public web site.

product transferlink

TransferLink allows employers, agencies, and other outside parties to transfer files directly into UnionWare through a secured web portal.  The files are automatically stored and linked within the UnionWare database, ready for you to use.