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See the big picture while managing the details

Coordinating an event can be mind-boggling if details are scattered across spreadsheets and programs. The Events module in UnionWare brings everything in focus – before, onsite, and after the event.

  • Plan and manage many types of events, including conventions, courses/training, rallies, strikes, meetings, and conferences
  • Quickly create events by either using templates or copying existing ones
  • Manage registrations for events with multiple tracks and sessions, meal options, accommodations, prerequisites, and fee structures
  • Configure custom and dynamic questions and track answers for each registrant
  • Track the event participation of members, external contacts, and even staff
  • Record attendance quickly using ULink or on-site barcode scanners and, if appropriate, automatically update skills and results (e.g., pass, incomplete, fail)
  • Use waiting lists to track interest in full events and sessions, then easily promote to registrants if space becomes available
  • Track hotel bookings, including room types, check-in/out dates, preferences, and confirmations
  • Store related documents, notes, and website links with events
  • View a full history of events by member, including role (e.g., registrant, striker, trainee) and by employer and worksite
  • Receive online registrations and payments using the Event Registration module in MemberLink