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EnterpriseThe interface for deep functionality

UnionWare Enterprise is a Windows-based program primarily used by power-users, dues processors, and administrators. This tool incorporates a range of powerful, must-have features that help speed your staff through every task.

Every UnionWare implementation starts with Enterprise Core, and includes Membership, Finance, and UPay.


  • Search using criteria that range from simple to complex, then save the criteria to use them over and over
  • Sort, group and summarize your search results using our flexible layout editor, then save that layout to use again
  • Print and export search results and other grids to Excel and other formats
  • Produce formatted reports, then print or export them to a variety of formats
  • Send key information directly to inboxes on a pre-set schedule using email dashboards
  • Create ad-hoc and dynamically-refreshing lists
  • Configure custom Extras to track unique information using a simple interface
  • Define rules for your organization’s elected positions and committees
  • Import and maintain geographical regions called Map Areas
  • Set up and personalize form letter and email templates
  • Define your own mailing labels and envelopes
  • Perform mass updates on specific sets of data, and merge duplicate records
  • Maintain all supporting data and drop downs from a single location
  • Define templates for use in the Cases, Events and Contracts modules
  • Control access with robust and flexible security management
  • Audit trails track all changes to your data. Event logs track who accessed the data, including reports, processes, and exports
  • Administer the MemberLink and TransferLink interfaces