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Bring your ‘A’ game to every bargaining table

If preparation is the key to successful negotiations, this module is your secret weapon. Track every contract detail and negotiation step, so your bargaining committee is in lockstep on deadlines, procedures, and documentation.

  • Use templates to manage negotiation lifecycles and generate reminders
  • Link each contract to its related employers, units or even work sites
  • Track versions of each contract along with details about the negotiation teams
  • Capture communication and other contract details such as notes, documents, expenses and Cases
  • Store contract language specifics, classification pay scales and dues rates
  • Automatically copy articles and rates from the current contract each time you begin a negotiation round
  • Quickly generate letters and emails with contract information, based on templates, and track all correspondence
  • At a glance, see all grievances referencing contract articles to prepare for negotiations (e.g., find clause wording that has low grievance stats)
  • Create fields, called Extras, to capture unique data points easily
  • Quickly compare rates and articles across multiple contracts
  • Upload finalized collective agreements to view them in each associated member record automatically