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Never miss another deadline

Add the Cases module to Core UnionWare (Membership and Finance), and everything related to grievances, arbitrations, complaints, and claims is at your fingertips. Milestones and action items trigger alerts, so you’re always prepared to represent your members.

  • Track many types of cases and secure each separately
  • Use templates to streamline administration, track deadlines, generate reminders, and ensure cases follow appropriate workflows
  • Split duties among multiple users, and track all participants and their roles (e.g., members, legal counsel, arbitrators, witnesses)
  • Track notes, documents, expenses, outcomes, and awards for each case
  • Automatically number your cases with a variety of options
  • Quickly create letters and emails with case information, based on templates, and track all correspondence
  • Analyze groups of cases (e.g., by type, region) to assign resources strategically
  • Visualize all actions assigned to you in a single ULink calendar
  • Link to specific language in the collective agreement when integrated with the Contracts module
  • Create a case directly from a note on a member, or from a call in the Call Management module
  • Create fields, called Extras, to capture unique data points easily
  • View summaries of assigned cases and manage them in the field, based on user access profile, using ULink