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Call Management

Improve data collection and quality

Frontline union staff are the gateway to important member details. Give them the tools they need to manage calls and collect information that will help you gain more profound insights into your relationships.

  • Easily categorize and record the details of every call – timers automatically track calls and follow-up tasks
  • Quickly access call history, employer, worksite, bargaining unit, job, and contract details during the call
  • Keep extensive notes and unlimited electronic documents related to each call
  • Qualify calls and, if necessary, route to staff members who are automatically notified with information for follow up
  • Easily update call records on follow-ups
  • Create a Case (e.g., grievance, LTD, legal aid, health & safety) directly from a call
  • Create fields, called Extras, to capture unique data points
  • Analyze calls by keyword, type, employer, worksite, member, date ranges, or any other module field