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Our History

1991 – 1993

An Introduction To Unions

  • Founder of UnionWare, fresh out of University, is contracted by Coopers and Lybrand to customize a “green screen” membership system for the Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union (MGEU). The MGEU had 27,000 members at that time.
  • Great learning ground for everything about unions; a full immersion.


We Can Do Better

  • With 3 years of experience in hand and a feeling that something better could be created, the first UnionWare prototype was developed and launched at the IMAX Theater in Winnipeg.
  • MGEU becomes the first true UnionWare client
  • Work begins, converting the prototype into Version 1 of UnionWare


First Clients

  • First clients outside of our home town
    • OPSEU – Ontario Public Service Employees Union – 125,000 members
    • AUPE – Alberta Union of Provincial Employees – 73,000 members
  • Start on UnionWare Version 2 to handle the needs of more than one client


More Big Clients

  • CEP – Communication Energy and Paperworkers Union – 100,000+ members
  • OSSTF – Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation – 60,000 members
  • Opened Ontario office
  • Product maturing with new technology – development of version 3 starts
  • UnionWare staff are unionized after signing first collective agreement


Beyond Canada

  • First clients outside of Canada
    • SEIU Local 1199 in New York City – largest union local in North America with 300,000 members
    • OPEIU – New York City
    • Marine Engineers – Washington D.C.
  • Realized all services can be provided from one location; closed Ontario office



  • First UnionWare Client Summit
    • Great feedback to focus our efforts on the needs of our clients
  • Now at 20 clients with one million members


Getting Serious

  • Divest of other companies to focus solely on UnionWare
  • Begin to hire more staff
  • Doubled the size of support department
  • Improve upgrade process
  • Version 4 development begins



  • Overwhelmed with new clients – think of a snake swallowing a goat
  • Version 4 launches
  • Increasing number of staff



  • Apply more structure and planning to our projects
  • Hire Director of Project Management
  • Separate Product Design from Product Development
  • More focus on current clients
  • Now at 60 clients with 2 million members



  • Focus shift to web development (e.g., ULink)
  • Did away with departments and created teams
  • Each team has 5-6 staff (project manager/analysts, developers, technical reps) with their own clients
  • Moved beyond North America with our first client in Australia
  • Purchased a building to better control our facilities and future
  • UnionWare University debuts to bring clients together outside of Summit
  • Largest Client Summit so far in Quebec City with over 130 attendees
  • Now at 70+ clients with 2.3 million members


Sustained Growth

  • Important new role: Chief Operating Officer now leads the day to day
  • Added a Quality Assurance department
  • Broke another attendance record with Summit 2016, held in Winnipeg
  • Formed three new Client Services teams (Momentum, Vanguard and Frontier)
  • Welcomed three new Australian unions to the UnionWare family
  • Substantial growth for our team; UnionWare now employs 58 dedicated Winnipeggers
  • Now at 100+ clients with 4.5 million members