UnionWare News

New Client: CUPE Local 79 (Toronto)

We are proud to welcome CUPE Local 79 as the latest UnionWare Enterprise client. Local 79 represents about 18,000 inside workers at the City of Toronto, as well as, workers at Bridgepoint Hospital and Toronto Community Housing Corp. Very soon all City of Toronto workers (including TCEU Local 416 with 8,000 members - also a UnionWare client) will be tracked in UnionWare. We will be implementing the Membership, Cases and Events modules in the coming year, allowing Local 79 to once again have a single reliable database for all three types of information.

Training: U Driven Training Sessions

You could use a little more training, but you don't need a full day and a generic session just won't do. Why not register your team for a U Driven Training session? 

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New Service: Release Notes Walk Throughs

As exciting as we try to make our version release notes, it really is a very dry read. Probably not too exciting at all, but what is exciting are the changes that are included in every new version of UnionWare. We don't want you to miss out on all of the new things we're doing for you! Now, when you visit the Versions page on our UnionCare Support Portal, you will have the ability to see when we are doing our next walk through of our newest version. You will be able to join an online meeting and watch as Murray takes you through all of the newest features! Who needs release notes when you can have Murray?! If you don't see a walk through scheduled when you visit this area, be sure to check back soon.

Existing Client Adds Modules: BCTF

The British Columbia Teachers' Federation went live with the Member Portal and Online Event Registration Module during November. They are UnionWare's first client to receive the Online Event Registration Module and so far their users are absolutely loving it! They are really enjoying having control over the registration process, being able to track the smaller events just as well as the larger ones, and they like that the event registrations are integrated with their membership information. All departments can now see which members attended all the events, even the ones that another department created. Information at their fingertips!

Client Goes Live: NJASAP

In mid November the NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots based out of Gahanna, Ohio, launched UnionWare. While the UnionWare team was on site, we noticed how positive their team was about their new membership software system. They were quick studies and several times they mentioned how the program just made sense to them. UnionWare is happy that NJASAP is enjoying their new system already and have transitioned so easily to it. Welcome to the family NJASAP!

Client Goes Live: SEIU 1984

The State Employees Association of New Hampshire, SEIU Local 1984, are now live with UnionWare! The go-live training that concluded a few short weeks ago produced very positive feedback from their staff. Most were impressed with the system's ease of use, but all were enthusiastic about the tips and tricks they learned. What they loved the most was how everyone had access to the system, and how much their independence grew during their first week. A small team from UnionWare was on site for the week to ensure that everyone was comfortable with their new program and able to perform their duties. Welcome to UnionWare SEIU 1984!

New Product: Online Event Registration Module

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering an Online Event Registration Module this fall. It is currently in testing and is scheduled for release in October. The Online Event Registration Module will be an add-on to the Member Portal which will give your members the ability to register for events online. This new product will not be included in the standard Member Portal, rather it is an additional item that can be added to your existing Member Portal. You will be able to collect standard registration information, have the registrant answer survey questions, pay registration fees online through PayPal, register for multiple sessions, and you can even limit the number of registrants per event or session. The Online Event Registration area of the site will also enable your members to view any past events they have attended. Please email justask@unionware.com for further details and pricing.

*Note that both the Member Portal and the Event Module are required to implement Online Event Registration.

Client Goes Live: ATPAM

During the week of August 16th ATPAM, The Association of Theatrical Press Agents & Managers in New York City, went live with UnionWare. Several of our team members were present during the week to assist ATPAM and ensure that their first few days using UnionWare went smoothly. Their staff were pleased with the results and are looking forward to a great future with UnionWare. In addition to the Membership, Finance, and Cases Modules, ATPAM is making extensive use of the Member Portal to provide valuable online information to their members. Welcome to the UnionWare family ATPAM!

Improved Product: Support Portal Enhanced

The next time you visit the UnionCare Support Portal, you may notice a few subtle differences. With the feedback we received from a few of our top users, UnionWare has been able to enhance our Support Portal to make it a little smoother to use, especially on smaller devices. The Versions tab has also been improved to make it easier to see what features are coming up. This isn't the end of the road for us though... we have many more enhancements planned for the future! As always, we welcome any ideas you may have on how we can continue to improve and who knows, the next time you sign in, you may see a feature that you suggested.

New Department: Analysis Department

In response to a support request, you might hear "The request you have submitted is going to require detailed analysis. I've referred your request to our analysis department – they will contact you within two days with details of the next steps." We've realized that some requests of the UnionCare department are very complex and/or are requests for new functionality. By extending our analysis department, we are now able to dedicate more time and process to these types of requests.