UnionWare News

New Client: Boilermakers Lodge 359

We’re happy to announce that Boilermakers Lodge 359 are the latest organization to select UnionWare.  They plan to make heavy use of our Dispatch and MemberLink modules.  Read more about them on their web site.

New Client: Civil Air

We are very excited to announce another new client – our second in Australia!  Civil Air is the association advocating for the professional, technical and industrial needs of about 1,000 Australian Air Traffic Controllers and Air Traffic Control Support Staff.  They are a wonderful group and we look forward to our upcoming relationship.  Check them out at www.civilair.asn.au.

New Team Member: John Frommelt

As we continue to work with new unions and grow our team, we ask even more of our IT department. To meet the technology demand, we are delighted to announce that John Frommelt has joined our team as an IT Specialist. John comes to us after spending half a decade with Microsoft where he became highly skilled in SharePoint. As we are a Microsoft partner, the experience he brings will be indispensable. John is also keen on anything relating to networks, especially the security side. Outside of work, John is passionate about playing disc golf. Welcome to the team, John!

New Client: CFMEU Mining and Energy Division (Australia)

We are pleased to announce that the Mining and Energy Division of the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) of Australia has selected UnionWare as their new membership system.  The division represents over 22,000 members in Australia's coal industry, coal ports, metalliferous mining industry, electric power generation, oil and gas and the small coke industry.  To learn more about the CFMEU and the Mining and Energy Division please visit their web site at www.cfmeu.com.au.

New Team Member: Korinne Hewitt

We are very pleased to announce that Korinne Hewitt has joined us in the role of administrative assistant. As efficient as we try to be, at a certain point we needed another smiling face to help out with all those administrative details that come with a growing organization. Prior to UnionWare, Korinne owned her own dance studio and has instructed many forms of dance over the years. She is also an avid traveler and one of her most interesting trips was to Australia. Seems a lot of our staff have been to Australia... hmmm, is this a hint that UnionWare should start an office there?

New Team Member: Carolyn Bradshaw

Carolyn Bradshaw is the newest addition to the UnionWare Team, joining Team Titan as a Technical Representative in January 2014. Previously she worked for seven years at a financial planning software company, covering a variety of areas such as technical support, training employees and clients, and writing technical documentation. Through word-of-mouth from her former coworkers she heard about UnionWare and applied. In 1997, Carolyn had the unique opportunity to sing for the Prime Minister of Canada, and both the President and Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. When she's not at the office, her obsessions are travel and cooking. She's visited every province in Canada (not the territories – yet) and twenty six US states. Hopefully she'll be sharing her recipes with us soon! Welcome to UnionWare Carolyn!

New Team Member: Joshua Hendricks

In September 2013, Joshua Hendricks joined Team Endurance as their newest Developer. A recent Red River College grad, Josh heard about the opening from his friend Jamie Fawley (a UnionWare Developer). During his spare time, he enjoys fishing and playing video games... which he started playing when he was only three! Welcome to UnionWare Josh!

New Team Member: Graham Jones

In September 2013, Graham Jones joined Team Pathfinder as their newest Developer. Before UnionWare, Graham worked as a System Support Specialist. An interesting fact about Graham is he played four years in the Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League... definitely Canadian! When he's not at the office, he enjoys doing DIY home renovations. Welcome to UnionWare Graham!

New Team Member: David Peterson

In September 2013, David Peterson joined Team Titan as a Developer. Prior to UnionWare, Dave worked seven years in the automated testing field. After hearing about a Developer position from his friends Mitch and Clayton, also UnionWare employees, he applied and was quickly accepted. When he's out of the office, Dave spends his time with his two sons and his pets - three corn snakes. Interestingly, the corn snake kills its prey by constriction, similar to how Dave kills programming bugs. Welcome to UnionWare Dave!

New Team Member: Conor Hoehn

In September 2013, Conor Hoehn joined Team Titan as a Developer. He was living in Calgary working at Coverity while he completed his B.Sc. in Computer Science. Intrigued with our culture, he applied and was accepted with open arms. Besides being super smart and a great programmer, he can do 40 lines in Tetris in only one minute and twenty five seconds... putting him in the 99th percentile of people who do these sorts of things! He was also the highest level assassin to die on the US East Hardcore Ladder in Diablo 2's first ladder season after the 1.10 patch - should we be afraid or impressed? Actually, we are very impressed Conor, welcome to UnionWare!