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UV Go Live TallWe are happy to announce that another Australian union has gone live with UnionWare. United Voice, who represents over 100,000 members throughout Australia, began working with us in 2016 with the goal of merging nine databases into a single system.

In November, a team of three (Toan, Murray, and Josh) from UnionWare ventured to Melbourne to work with users at their Victoria branch. Several weeks later, after some personal training and a final cut-over, their organisers were using ULink to track site visits and conversations with members. In the ensuing weeks, more branches cut over to UnionWare, with the remaining offices set to go live over the coming months.

United Voice’s switch to UnionWare comes with many benefits. Support staff and admins have access to more powerful reporting capabilities using centralised and better-organised data. Bank integration automates direct debit and credit card processing. Streamlined worksite visit planning and tracking tools allow field staff to spend more time visiting with members and less time on data entry. A revamped and integrated join form with self-serve payment abilities make it hassle-free to join and interact with the union online.

We look forward to working with United Voice as they grow in their knowledge and application of UnionWare.