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Earlier this year, we announced a new member of the UnionWare family – PROTEC17. Team Vanguard got the nod to lead an implementation project which included the Membership, Finances, Cases, Organizing and Web Forms modules.

UnionWare representatives returned to Seattle the week of November 12th for the final phase of the project – go-live training. We included a generous amount of remote training throughout their implementation, so everyone was able to hit the ground running.

The team began by teaching core users the finer points of the Membership module, especially our powerful searching functionality. The Finances module also got lots of attention, including its ability to save them time importing and processing dues and personnel files. We also trained the Cases module, in which their reps finally have access to a central system to track their grievances from anywhere through ULink.

Everything went smoothly, and there was no hesitation in cutting over mid-week as planned, especially considering the team planned to stay a bit longer for on-site guidance.

In going live, PROTEC17 realized many processing efficiencies, added grievance tracking, and provided reps with remote access. They also found an immediate use for Email Dashboards, which will automatically notify them of new members and other data demanding their attention. Our built-in Mailchimp integration was a big hit too and will help facilitate communication with members.

Through UnionCare support, we are fortunate to continue helping PROTEC17 realize their goals for years to come.

PROTEC17 (formerly PTE17) represents over 8,000 public sector, professional, and technical employees in Washington and Oregon. Their jobs range from engineers and information technology experts to environmental and health specialists.

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