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New Product: ULink

We’re thrilled to announce our newest product to join the UnionWare Enterprise suite, ULink. Provide your staff with access to UnionWare data from virtually anywhere. Simple, intuitive, and powerful, ULink requires only a modern web browser or web-enabled mobile device… no software installation required. Read More

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New Client: Service Employees Union Local 800

SEU Local 800, located in Montreal, Quebec, represents over 20,000 members in a variety of sectors. Realizing that their existing system was not only old but using obsolete technology, they reached out to UnionWare. SEU Local 800 will begin their implementation on April 1st. Welcome to UnionWare SEU Local 800! Read More

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New Client: Chicago Teachers Union

Early this year the Chicago Teachers Union chose UnionWare as their new membership software system. Their implementation began in early April and they will be going live with Membership, Finance, Events, Cases and Member Portal. Read More

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New Client: Power Workers’ Union

Representing 20,000 public sector employees, the Power Workers’ Union contacted UnionWare on a recommendation from CUPE 79. To begin, PWU will have our Membership, Finance and Events Modules implemented and will be live with UnionWare by July 2013. Welcome to UnionWare PWU! Read More

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New Client: Manitoba Teachers’ Society

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS) is the collective bargaining and professional development organization for all of Manitoba’s 15,000 public school teachers. Their UnionWare Implementation will consist of Membership, Cases, Events, Finance, Member Portal and the Online Event Registration. Welcome to UnionWare MTS! Read More

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New Team Member: Bill Boris

As UnionWare continues to grow, so do the training needs. A quick referral from Murray brought Bill to our doorstep, having him leave behind his own training practice. In June, we were lucky enough to have Bill Boris join our team. Read More

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