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Vick SidhuWe are thrilled to welcome Vick Sidhu as Team Pathfinder’s newest Client Services Developer.

For as long as he could remember, Vick has had a passion for computer programming. Not surprisingly, he spent quite a bit of his spare time during high school in the computer lab coding games. It only made sense to continue pursuing this field after graduation, so Vick entered the Computer Science program at the University of Manitoba. With more focus on reading than actually doing, by his third year, he made the tough decision to leave the program and take a year off to regain his passion.

It was during this time that a friend attending Red River College helped pique his interest in going back to school. With the potential for a more applied environment, Vick registered in the Business Information Technology (BIT) program, and the difference from University was night and day. His first on-the-job experience came during his co-op term spent at Magellan Aerospace, a manufacturer of aerospace systems and components. Vick helped in the IT department, building and maintaining tools that help engineers and techs on the floor get their jobs done. Unfortunately, this type of work wasn’t ideal, so he chose not to stay after his graduation in 2018.

Vick took half a year off to try something new – photo and video editing on YouTube. Although he managed to gain 2,000 subscribers in just six months, this type of work took a lot more effort than it was worth. It was as he looked for something more up his alley that he found us and was drawn in by the people, the work, and the culture.

Vick was recently married and is close with his family. Vick likes to cook, a passion he shares with his wife as they watch cooking shows and do their best to emulate. They also fostered a dog for a while and recently decided to adopt. Like any programmer worth their salt, Vick also enjoys playing video games and watching television and movies.

Join us in welcoming Vick to the UnionWare family!