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ParitoshiWe are pleased to announce our newest team member and Client Services Developer. Everyone, meet Paritoshi (Pari) Kulshrestha, who has joined Team Frontier.

Pari attended Rajiv Gandhi University in India. In 2011, after four years of studies, she graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. She quickly found rewarding work at CoreCard Software, a company with decades of experience building and managing payment systems that happen to have offices in India. There, Pari developed software using a long list of technologies including .NET, WCF, APIs, and SQL Server. At the seven-year mark, she maintained the role of Senior Software Developer.

Pari met her husband during their studies, having been in the same classes. They maintained a long-distance relationship after he departed for Canada to study for his master’s degree at the University of Manitoba. The couple married in India in 2017, after which they spent one more year apart before Pari received her permanent residency and rejoined her husband in Winnipeg. Once here, she began a search for a company where she could put her skills to work. After only a few months, Pari found a product-based software company similar to the one she’d left – UnionWare. Appreciating our distinctive culture and work/life balance, she was ready to begin a new chapter with us.

When she’s not helping build our clients’ solutions, Pari enjoys spending time with family baking and cooking many types of cuisine. She also does a lot of organizing and upgrading to her home, including decorating and growing plants. Pari has the travel bug, and in addition to India, has been to spots in Canada, the U.S., Mauritius, Europe, and Mexico, just to name a few places, are on her wish-list.

We’re glad you’re on our team, Pari – welcome!