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Jose MartinWe have exciting news – our Product department has a new member! Join us in welcoming Jose Martins as the newest UnionWare Developer.

Jose moved to Canada from Portugal near the end of high school, finishing it in Winnipeg. Having long been interested in computer programming, it only made sense to register for Computer Engineering at the University of Manitoba. After a few years, Jose realized the program wasn’t for him and left to try out the workforce.

In 1998, Jose started working at Convergys (when it was still called MATRIXX), which and was eventually acquired by Synnex and integrated with Concentrix. He started in the call centre, but ultimately, his skills paved the way for a coding role that started with building web pages. Over the years, Jose worked on many projects with both local and global teams. He spent a while maintaining systems that provided real-time statistics via a web interface. Jose also wrote applications to help home agents work seamlessly from anywhere.

Over time, and as is typical for large corporations, there was reorganization. It started with the call centre moving overseas, eventually followed by many of the jobs supporting it. Layoffs resulted, and while Jose dodged the initial rounds, fate finally caught up to him. It didn’t take long to get back to work, however. Jose’s wife used to work with a spouse of one of our staff, and though a well-timed conversation, Jose found our posting. Believing in the work and our culture, he made a quick decision and hasn’t turned back.

Family is an important part of Jose’s life. In addition to being happily married, he has two children and spends as much time with them as he can. He also enjoys traveling with his family, especially back to Portugal. Jose has many hobbies, especially drawing, painting, and (believe it or not) Bonsai! He’s even a member of the Bonsai Society of Winnipeg.

We hope you enjoy your UnionWare experience – welcome, Jose!