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Supreme CourtOn Wednesday morning, the Supreme Court ruled in a case we’ve all been watching – Janus v. AFSCME. As many expected, the decision went against public sector unions.

Read the opinion here.

Our clients have worked tirelessly to prepare for today’s announcement. Unfortunately, those efforts must now be doubled in this new reality. UnionWare remains your committed partner as you move forward.

Those who attended one or both of our meetings focused on the topic of “right to work” (2015 in Chicago, and 2018 in Denver) returned to their organizations with great ideas and renewed confidence. The result of our discussions also played a huge role in helping us prioritize adding some of the features that organizers use today.

Blitzes now track all the things that help your campaign succeed, and can handle everything from visits to phone banking. You can even cut turf on a map. Organizers now record their conversations with workers in ULink using configurable contact sheets. Once a member is organized, field staff can sign them up immediately and even arrange for payment, all using their mobile device.

We continue to plan and design tools to help your organizing and engagement efforts. Soon, organizers will be able to generate on-screen or printable walking lists from a blitz. And before long, member leaders will have their own tools as they join you in your campaigns.

We are certain that organized labor will become much stronger as a result of the challenges posed by today’s news. We will be there with you as you get, engage, and keep your members.