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Several times a year, we have the opportunity to start working with new customers. While that’s exciting, it’s even better when we watch them switch off a legacy database and begin using UnionWare to track their members.

It was only a few days into 2018 when we received great news and officially began our relationship with the International Union of Elevator Constructors. A couple of months later, Team Momentum started the process of migrating multiple systems into UnionWare.

Fast forward just eight months, and after much discussion, intense planning, and many hours of programming, the new system was ready. At the end of November, Bill and Darren from the implementation team travelled to IUEC’s Columbia, MD headquarters for a full week of training and on-site guidance. Like the year before, gracious hosts welcomed our team.

With multiple and separate legacy systems used by different areas of their organization, adopting a phased approach allowed them to realize the benefits of UnionWare sooner. The first system to switch over tracked details about their members and locals, and has been replaced by our Membership module.

Several interfaces were switched on during this phase. Office staff use Enterprise to manipulate and report on their data. Locals and organizers access and enrich the data through ULink. Select third parties now use TransferLink to upload files, saving everyone the hassle of setting up and connecting to a secure FTP site.

One goal of this implementation was to improve the monthly reporting process for their locals. ULink allows them access to just their list of members, and special functions enable them to, in real time, notify the International of status changes in real time, as opposed to waiting until the end of the month. This change allows for simpler and more automated per-capita reporting. There are several other options for locals, including filling out (and signing) membership applications, dues check-off authorization cards, and organizing letters, all through the Web Forms module.

Besides a phased approach, this implementation included several less-common yet effective techniques. Early on in the process, IUEC formed a geographically-diverse “database committee” that included regional directors, organizers, and other key players. Members of this group were involved and made important decisions throughout the project, shared various data gathering and cleanup tasks, and received substantial training before the go-live week. As the go-live week approached, the team was confident enough in the system and the data to allow a cutover just before final training, which meant learning on their production system. This strategy worked well and allowed users to make real-time adjustments and start using the new system immediately.

Next up for our work with IUEC is setting up an efficient check-off dues processing system as the database committee introduced more locals to ULink.

The International Union of Elevator Constructors, based in Columbia, Maryland, represents over 25,000 workers in the United States and Canada. Their members construct, modernize, repair, and service elevators, escalators, moving walkways and other conveyances.

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