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IATSE Local 100 signed on with UnionWare last year, and after a thorough implementation, their system was finally ready for prime time. In June, a three-person team from UnionWare headed to Hauppauge, New York, which is located smack in the middle of Long Island. They were there to train Local 100’s two very talented office staff.

During the go-live week, Local 100 staff learned many things, including how to process even more of their working dues electronically. They also mastered searching techniques to help notify them of late payers and those who owe money, which allows them to be proactive in addressing the issues with members and avoid any interruption to their membership benefits.

One of the more significant changes was the addition of our MemberLink portal, which gives their members many new and improved online capabilities. Members can pay both their quarterly and working dues online in a much more flexible manner. An overhaul to the monthly statements/invoices gives a much more simplified and informed view of what they owe and why.

We purposely delayed the launch of this portal by about a week. This gap allowed everyone involved to ensure things were stable, provided extra time to add content, as well as explain to the membership how to log in with familiar credentials.

Now that the site is live, the first reports back are very positive:

“They love the new site! Members have been contacting us all day saying how much easier it is to manage their payments and monitor their work.”

Prospective members can now, through the magic of MemberLink and Web Forms, apply and even make their initial payment online. As a final touch, the system automatically emails completed applications to the benefits office and notifies Local 100 staff.

Local 100 is very excited to begin using UnionWare and finding out how much they can get out of their new system.

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