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Right to Work Event 2018

Life After Janus

Are you ready for life after the Janus decision?

April 24, 2018

Denver, Colorado
Westin Denver International Airport
Spruce Ballroom II
8am – 4:30pm

18 unions who wanted to be sure joined us in Denver on April 24th to discuss its implications.

Thank you to all who attended this important event.

We hope you departed with some new ideas and were able to connect with other attendees to share strategies.

Keep an eye on your inbox for a summary of the event including slides and a contact list of the attendees.


This unique event was open to all unions and organizations concerned about the Janus vs AFSCME Supreme Court case.

In 2015, we held a day-long session in Chicago discussing, strategizing, and developing creative new approaches to address the challenge of right-to-work legislation. At that time, Friedrichs was a few months from being argued. The name has changed, but the threat is the same.

Why Denver?

We chose Denver, and specifically the Westin, for several reasons.

  • Denver is central and accessible from almost every major airport in the U.S.
  • The Westin Denver International Airport is:
    • a stunning new hotel just a few steps from arrivals
    • has a lot to offer, including art displays and unbelievable views of the airport
    • one of only two hotels recommended by
    • so conveniently located that you could fly in or out the day of

Special event hotel room rate

We’ve secured an amazing room rate at the Westin – only $249/night – and that rate is guaranteed until March 27th. Register today, and we’ll let you know how to book.