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A Unique Approach to Working Together

Unions are unlike any other form of organization. That’s why you need union specialists who understand your unique operation, culture, challenges and needs. When you choose UnionWare, you are leveraging the knowledge, experience and processes we’ve developed over two decades working exclusively with unions.

It’s only with this experience and understanding that the full potential of your membership can be realized and transformed into actionable insights.

Why Unionware?

Working with your data

In today’s landscape, your union needs a cohesive plan and suite of tools to connect with workers, streamline operations, and attract and retain members. It’s difficult to strategize though when the insights you need are locked in data dispersed across various programs, spreadsheets, or (worse yet) someone’s head.

Our team are experts in analyzing and understanding all types of union processes, data, and systems to optimize, clean, and migrate it all into UnionWare. From Discovery to Go Live – we learn about how you work and look for opportunities for your data to finally work for you.

Where we begin: The UnionWare Discovery Process

It all begins with Discovery – an objective fact-finding mission where we get to know your strengths, resources, challenges, and opportunities. From there we detail precisely what’s required to fuel your strategies with facts and align your efforts. Your Discovery report specifies software modules, customizations, hardware and hosting requirements, and recommendations for the involvement of your management and user teams. It also includes guaranteed pricing and list of predictable outcomes.

During Discovery, we often hear about unions struggling with the same problems. Sound familiar…?

  • Incorrect data; it can’t be trusted
  • Data spread across different systems
  • Every staff person has their own database
  • Difficulty generating comprehensive reports
  • Can’t get a straight answer
  • Field reps are frustrated by lack of tools
  • Member issues fall through the cracks
  • Organizing data is separate from member data
  • Limited online communications with members
  • Participation in activities and events isn’t tracked
  • Can’t rely on “the lone programmer” or small company for support
  • Upgrade? There’s nothing to upgrade to!
  • Can’t take advantage of new technology
  • Tired of “programmer talk” and excuses

Implementation and Support

UnionWare projects use an Agile approach to software development. In this approach, we implement your solution as a series of two-week releases called ‘sprints’. Your analyst plans these sprints, and the work to complete in each of them, several weeks in advance. At the end of each sprint, the work we’ve completed is reviewed and tested.

A typical project’s duration ranges from seven to twelve months. In the earlier stages of a project, we can only estimate the project’s end date, which is continually refined as the project progresses until an official go-live date is set. Once all stakeholders are confident that the system is ready for full use, we train your team, usually on site.

The cutover to UnionWare is the final project step, where we migrate a fresh copy of your legacy data into UnionWare. UnionWare representatives remain on-call to help you through your first few days. A UnionCare client representative eventually takes takes the lead role in looking after your needs.

UnionWare’s team is very responsive and their turnaround time is great. They listen to their clients and this is very important.

Ming Lee, SEIU Local 521 – San Jose

Data and Infrastructure

UnionWare Server IT Support

Need help determining how to set up your UnionWare server? Commission our highly-experienced IT support team to recommend the ideal infrastructure for your operational requirements. We’re happy to collaborate with your internal IT staff.

Managed Hosting

When it comes to hosting your data, we’ve got you covered there too. Many clients opt to store data in UnionWare’s secure, dedicated hosting environment, which includes robust database backups and maintenance.