Get more out of your addresses.

Display your members, employers, worksites and more on interactive Google maps embedded in ULink. Drill in for the details or zoom out to see a broader perspective. Enlarge any map using our new full screen mode to see it all. This module also geocodes your addresses (assigns them a latitude & longitude) behind the scenes and provides for address autocomplete during data entry.


  • Each map is a fully interactive Google map.
  • Home page maps show employer and worksite addresses.
  • Drill into a map to see specific addresses and their details.
  • One custom map is included, then request as many more as you need.
  • Accurate address geocoding is fully automated.
  • In Enterprise, import Map Areas and then search for those members who live within the regions/districts they represent.
  • A map on each job entity (e.g. employer) showing where the active members live.
  • Send addresses from search results to maps.
  • Overlay UnionWare Map Areas to visualize member and worksite distribution within named regions/districts.