Provide your organizers and field staff with the tools they need to be more effective.

The Organizing Module provides incredible flexibility in configuring turf; setting up and managing internal and external campaigns; tracking member assessments, activities, social networks, and relationships between individuals.  This module is tightly integrated with other UnionWare modules so your entire organization works from the same page.


  • Configure both internal and external campaigns, and easily track their progress.
  • Cut turf using familiar and flexible searches, then assign to organizers.
  • Assess members' involvement, their views, and other characteristics for trend analysis over time.
  • Set up activities from the field and keep track of who attends.
  • Describe work sites realistically with concepts like wards, floors and rooms to help you locate your members and potential members.
  • Capture the social networks at work sites and across your organization - key for influencing large groups quickly.
  • Identify relationships between members and potential members to determine who the influencers, spouses, and friends are.
  • The Organizing web portal is designed for modern browsers and adjusts to fit mobile phones.
  • Retain key information collected during organizing campaigns as potential members join your organization.