Email Dashboard

Start your day with a wealth of knowledge that's packaged concisely and easy to digest.

UnionWare houses an incredible amount of information; use it to monitor your union and make informed decisions. Email Dashboards send key information directly to your inbox on a pre-set schedule.  


  • Create any number of dashboards filled with information from any UnionWare module.
  • Include built-in components such as trend charts, graphs, gauges and grids.
  • Use familiar search criteria to create your own dashboard components.
  • Schedule for daily, weekly or monthly delivery, or send what you've built right away.
  • Choose what time each dashboard email is sent.
  • Include large lists of data as attachments.
  • Enhance the content by adding custom HTML.
  • Create personal dashboards or design them for organizational use.
  • Recipient lists can contain individuals or lists of users, members, contacts and external email addresses.
  • Schedule them to run daily and automatically notify users of changes to data.