Dispatch the right member to the job, every time.

Our Dispatch Module tracks members' capabilities including classifications, skills, and tickets. Booked-in members and spares are tracked on the out-of-work list in seniority order. As work orders are received, intelligent search algorithms identify candidates to be contacted and help you evaluate job bids. UnionWare maintains a complete dispatch history and tracks all communication between dispatchers and members.


  • Use powerful searching and reporting tools to track every facet of out-of-work members, unfilled work orders, and a complete dispatch history.
  • Track members' dispatchable classifications, skill levels, specialties and tickets.
  • Create any number of job boards for members to book in to.
  • Book members in to any job board.  A member may book in under multiple classifications and will be assigned a separate list date and position on list for each classification.
  • Access a full audit trail of each and every action to help resolve disputes.
  • Enter work orders and job opportunities into any job board.
  • Track and rank any number of bids per job opportunity.
  • Use sophisticated search algorithms to identify qualified candidates for each job opportunity, ranked by position on list.
  • Track all communication with members including book ins, check ins, dispatches, messages left, and rejected offers.
  • Receive comprehensive warnings of possible issues and restrictions prior to dispatching a member.
  • Allow Members to view Job Opportunities and bid on Jobs via MemberLink.