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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

We're not shy about sharing how we're doing. In fact, we think you should know if the provider of your mission critical systems is flying straight and level, or just getting by on fumes.

Well, we're doing just fine actually. We've been fortunate to withstand the economic dip over the past few years. In fact, we're busier than ever. When the North American economy started to slip we decided to focus on our existing clients rather than just trying to get new ones. "Hell" we thought, "there may not be any new ones anyway", given the economic crisis. This approach paid off for us as 2010 was our best year ever. Don't get the wrong idea though, it's not Silicon Valley up here in Winnipeg and we aren't all driving Ferraris. 


What we are doing however, is investing in the future. For instance, we've hired more developers to enhance our products and build new ones, and we've provided more resources to our account managers to support you day to day. For those of you who entrust your systems and data to us, we're making substantial investments in our hosting facility to further improve performance, capacity, and reliability. We're expanding our office space to accommodate our now larger team, and oh, don't forget the investment in awards for those who have been on our team for 10 years. We've now celebrated eight decade long employees with a couple more coming up this year.

To conclude, you can be confident that we continue to be a stable partner who is investing in a successful shared future.