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Thursday, 02 December 2010

You could use a little more training, but you don't need a full day and a generic session just won't do. Why not register your team for a U Driven Training session? 

What is it?

Just like the name implies, this session's topic is completely up to you. Whether it be for a new hire, staff who are taking on new responsibilities, or you just need a refresher... we can help. Together with you, we'll select your training topics so you can get the most out of your session. Find out how you can schedule your session today.

To give us time to prepare for your unique training, we ask that you book your online, one-hour session at least one week in advance. Since we are using a copy of your organization's database, we want to make sure we're familiar with your data, as well as with your processes.

How much?

The simple answer is $350. Once you register, we will send you a link and a phone number that will allow you to connect to the session right from your desk. Be sure to ask us how you can use your UnionCare Points to cover this session!

To register contact:

email: training@unionware.com

phone: (888) 864-6697 ext 242