UnionWare News

New Department: Analysis Department

In response to a support request, you might hear "The request you have submitted is going to require detailed analysis. I've referred your request to our analysis department – they will contact you within two days with details of the next steps." We've realized that some requests of the UnionCare department are very complex and/or are requests for new functionality. By extending our analysis department, we are now able to dedicate more time and process to these types of requests.

New Service: Focus Groups

Many of our clients have similarities. For instance, we have a large number of SEIU locals who together represent nearly half of all SEIU members. We have a number of clients that represent nurses, a few that represent state employees, teachers, and almost every Canadian provincial government employees union (NUPGE members), etc. There are also similarities that relate to topics including privacy policies, member resource centers, negotiation with employers to provide dues files, change management, etc. To leverage these similarities we are committed to coordinating a series of focused conference calls which bring these groups together to learn from each other. Watch for your invitation!

New Client: SEIU West (Canada)

SEIU West is located in the heart of Canada in the beautiful city of Saskatoon (head office). With approximately 12,000 members they are the result of a recent merger of three Western Canadian SEIU locals. When they gave us a call we were more than pleased to help out. Through ice and snow we made our journey to each of their three offices to scope out the project. The main goal is to centralize their data so that their new Member Action (Resource) Center could operate effectively. As a side, they will benefit in many other ways from centralizing their data into an integrated membership system - UnionWare. In the end, we are very honored that SEIU West selected UnionWare. Their implementation begins this summer. 

Client Visits: Update

We've been busy over the past month visiting a few clients, trying to keep in touch and in tune with their situation. This is something we are trying to do more of as face-to-face visits are just so much better than phone calls and email. Interestingly a common theme emerged from this latest round of client meetings - training. The general need seems to be how to get information out of UnionWare quickly and in a way that can be presented well. So, we've set up a few economical one hour online training sessions specific to this topic.

New Service / Product: Standard Operating Procedures

Okay, that sounds a little boring doesn't it? It gets even less sexy when you use the acronym – SOP. However, sometimes the boring, not so sexy stuff can be the most valuable to you and your organization. SOP's tell you, and anyone who asks, how you do things. Of course you know how "you" do things but does anyone else? How does a new team member figure it out?... the "learning curve"?... the SOP can drastically shorten that curve. There is little value in experiencing a learning curve when you could just flip through a few pages and be up to speed. Plus, everyone will be following the same steps and that's worth a lot. We guarantee that you don't have time to do this... but we do... email justask@unionware.com for more details on our approach, the investment in time, money, and the returns.

Client Goes Live: SEIU Local 1989

UnionWare is thrilled to announce that SEIU Local 1989, the Maine State Employees Association, went live with UnionWare on Monday, April 12th. As usual, a small team from UnionWare was present to not only provide training but also to ease SEIU Local 1989's staff into using the new system. What a hit UnionWare was! The users thought the system was easy to use, a time saver and also empowered them to do tasks they couldn't do in their old system. Another client has fallen in love with our software and that makes us very happy at UnionWare! 

New Team Members: Cameron Hayglass and Jacob Policarpio

In January, UnionWare came to a clear conclusion - it was time to hire additional developers. It seems that lately we always have a large amount of implementation work on the go... which is great! However, we need to ensure that our product development continues as planned. With several new web applications in the works we needed to bring on a couple of great developers who could hit the ground running. After a focused search we are pleased to have found Cameron Hayglass and Jacob Policarpio. Cam and Jake joined the UnionWare team on Monday, March 15th. Please join us in welcoming them both to our team.

New Product: Organizing Module - Launching Summer 2010

Starting this summer "the Power to Organize" will become more than just our tag line. For years we've focused on the administrative side of unions - membership information, dues processing, grievance, event tracking, etc. Now that this foundation is firmly in place we are comfortable to move to higher ground. That higher ground means providing your organizers and field staff with the tools they need to be more effective. The design of the new Organizing Module is now complete and development is well underway. Set to launch at our Summit in June, our new web based Organizing Module will provide incredible flexibility in configuring turf, setting up and managing internal and external campaigns, tracking member assessments, activities, social networks, and much more. And of course, this module is tightly integrated with all other UnionWare Modules so your entire organization works off the same page. Stay tuned as we begin to unwrap this exciting new set of tools and truly give you "the Power to Organize".

Existing Client Transitions to UnionWare 4: OPSEU

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union went live with UnionWare 4 on February 16th. Previously during their UnionWare 4 training sessions, OPSEU employees commented that they loved the new version, found it much easier to use and they could get to their information faster. Several employees announced during training that it was a great day - not because the sun was shining but because UnionWare 4 was changing their lives by making their everyday easier! This was one of the larger upgrade implementations for UnionWare and we are excited that we were able to improve the way OPSEU completes their day to day tasks. 

New Client: NJASAP

We are very excited to announce that the NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots has selected UnionWare as their new membership system. NJASAP represents approximately 3,000 pilots employed by NetJets, one of the largest pilot fleets in the world.