UnionWare News

New Client: Treasurers and Ticket Sellers Union

The Treasurers and Ticket Sellers Union (IATSE 751) were referred to UnionWare from another UnionWare client in New York, ATPAM (IATSE 18032). Seeing what we have done for ATPAM, IATSE 751 contacted us in the spring of 2012 to find out more. We get started on their project in a few weeks and they will be going live with both our Membership and Finance modules early next year. Welcome to UnionWare IATSE 751!

New Client: SEIU Local 1

SEIU Local 1's history began in the early 1900s when a group of janitors working on the South Side of Chicago decided to organize. Today SEIU Local 1 has more than 50,000 members, in 11 cities over seven states, working as security officers, food service workers and janitors. They contacted UnionWare after receiving a referral from one of our clients in Seattle, SEIU 775NW. In July, SEIU 1 went live with Membership, Cases, Finance, Call Management and Organizing. We welcome SEIU Local 1 as our 15th SEIU client!

New Client: SPEEA - IFPTE Local 2001

SPEEA represents 25,000 employees at The Boeing Company, Spirit AeroSystems, BAE Systems and Triumph Composite Systems. Members work in Washington, Kansas, Oregon, Utah, Texas and California.  The Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA), IFPTE Local 2001, is a professional aerospace labor union representing engineers, technical workers, pilots and other professionals in the aerospace industry.  Formed in 1946, SPEEA is an affiliated local union of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE).

We are very pleased to welcome SPEEA to the UnionWare family of clients.  


New Client: IUOE Local 115

IUOE 115 has selected UnionWare to replace their current membership and dispatch systems.  IUOE 115, officially Local 115 of the International Union of Operating Engineers, represents 10,000 workers in British Columbia, and the Yukon. We are very pleased to welcome Local 115 to the UnionWare family of clients.


New Client: CEP Local 707

We are very pleased to welcome the Communication, Energy and Paperworkers Union, Local 707 to the UnionWare family of clients.  CEP Local 707 has been representing workers in the Canadian energy industry since 1967 and today has a membership of 4,000. They have decided to proceed with modernizing their database systems by implementing UnionWare.  They are located in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada - right up our alley!


New Team Member: Darren Grafton

Darren Grafton joined our Solution Delivery Team as a Developer in June 2011. It was a definite plus that he came from a company that produced a software product, meaning he was already familiar with the development lifecycle. We're thrilled that it was our unique newspaper ad that caught his eye and introduced us to him. When Darren's not creating code, you may find him finessing his acting skills for the short films he creates with friends, or singing at a local Karaoke bar. Welcome to UnionWare Darren!

“State of the Union...Ware”

We're not shy about sharing how we're doing. In fact, we think you should know if the provider of your mission critical systems is flying straight and level, or just getting by on fumes.

Well, we're doing just fine actually. We've been fortunate to withstand the economic dip over the past few years. In fact, we're busier than ever. When the North American economy started to slip we decided to focus on our existing clients rather than just trying to get new ones. "Hell" we thought, "there may not be any new ones anyway", given the economic crisis. This approach paid off for us as 2010 was our best year ever. Don't get the wrong idea though, it's not Silicon Valley up here in Winnipeg and we aren't all driving Ferraris. 

Read more: “State of the Union...Ware”

Client Goes Live: SEIU West

SEIU West is the result of a merger of three of Saskatchewan's SEIU locals. As part of the merger there was a need to connect three regional offices and start a Resource Center. After hearing that the SEIU Resource Center in Pasadena was using UnionWare to successfully handle a large volume of calls each day they gave us a call. Now live with UnionWare, Don Kitchen at SEIU West says, "The transition to UnionWare was like going from stone tools to a rocket ship!" For the full Q&A with Don, and Q&A's with all of our clients click here.

New Team Member: Nadine Kellner

If you've contacted our UnionCare Support Team, you've most likely crossed paths with Nadine Kellner. In early 2011, Nadine joined our Client Services team as a Technical Representative. Her friendly nature helped her transition seamlessly into our culture. You may be a little surprised when you find out that Nadine spent a lot of her time in both middle and high school wrestling and now enjoys playing rugby during her spare time. Welcome to UnionWare Nadine!

Existing Client Adds Module: SEIU Local 925

Early February, SEIU Local 925 went live with a new addition to their UnionWare package... the Call Management Module! Previously they had been handling all of their calls using a customized version of the Case Module. The Call Management Module evolved out of a number of our clients setting up Resource Centers to handle all of their incoming calls. We would be happy to discuss some of the benefits of Resource Centers and the steps involved in setting them up. We can even connect you with unions that have successfully implemented resource centers using UnionWare.