UnionWare News

New Client: Service Employees Union Local 800

SEU Local 800, located in Montreal, Quebec, represents over 20,000 members in a variety of sectors. Realizing that their existing system was not only old but using obsolete technology, they reached out to UnionWare. Based on their location, their need for a French database was important to them; a need we are able to meet. SEU Local 800 will begin their implementation on April 1st. Once live they will have the Membership, Finance and Cases modules as well as a customized insurance piece to help them administer their own group insurance policy. Welcome to UnionWare SEU Local 800!

New Client: Chicago Teachers Union

Early this year the Chicago Teachers Union chose UnionWare as their new membership software system. The CTU represents 30,000 teachers and educational support personnel working in the Chicago Public Schools. They were impressed to know that union software is all we do. Two weeks after their Discovery, CTU became our newest client. Their implementation began in early April and they will be going live with Membership, Finance, Events, Cases and Member Portal. Welcome to UnionWare CTU!

New Client: Association of Professional Flight Attendants

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants represents the flight attendants of American Airlines. Needing a system that could track their grievances and arbitrations, with automatic notifiers built in, they were thrilled when they found out UnionWare was able to do this and much more. In January, APFA chose UnionWare as their membership software system. We will be implementing the Membership, Finance, Cases and Call Management Modules for them. Welcome to UnionWare APFA!

New Client: Syndicat québécois des employées et employés de service

SQEES298 began operating in April 1946 and represents 23,700 workers in social affairs, offices, school boards, restaurants, hotels, school transportation, paratransit and industrial sectors in Quebec, Canada. Contacting UnionWare last September, SQEES298 made it clear that they were interested in finding a new membership software system and wanted to move quickly. A Discovery was completed in mid-November and they were our newest client before we left their offices! They will begin their UnionWare experience with Membership, Finance, Events and should be live by March 1, 2013. Welcome to UnionWare SQEES298!

New Client: Power Workers' Union

Although the roots of the PWU go back to 1944, with the formation of the Employees' Association at Ontario Hydro, their present name - the Power Workers' Union was adopted in 1993. Representing 20,000 public sector employees, the PWU contacted UnionWare on a recommendation from CUPE79. To begin, PWU will have our Membership, Finance and Events Modules implemented and will be live with UnionWare by July 2013. Welcome to UnionWare PWU!

New Client: Minnesota Association of Professional Employees

MAPE represents 13,000 professional Minnesota state government employees. After seeing COUNCIL5 listed as a current UnionWare client on our website, they contacted us for more information. Knowing their current contract for their membership system would be expiring soon they were eager to see what we had to offer. This August, they will begin using the Membership, Finance and Cases Modules. Welcome to UnionWare MAPE!

New Team Member: Frank Krivak

Frank Krivak is the newest addition to UnionWare, taking on the role of Technical Representative on our Client Services Team. As with all of our amazing staff, Frank has his own interests that he enjoys pursuing when he's not in the office – he's worked on two local short films and he also enjoys writing short fiction stories. If that's not enough to pique your interest he's also been dreaming about learning to be a blacksmith one day! Welcome to UnionWare Frank!

New Client: Manitoba Teachers' Society

The Manitoba Teachers' Society (MTS) is the collective bargaining and professional development organization for all of Manitoba's 15,000 public school teachers. Just like many of our clients, MTS approached UnionWare because their current custom system was no longer working for them and costing them more every year to maintain. They were very impressed that UnionWare would match the majority of their requirements and that we have experience with so many other teachers unions. Their UnionWare Implementation will consist of Membership, Cases, Events, Finance, Member Portal and the Online Event Registration. Welcome to UnionWare MTS!

New Team Member: Bill Boris

As UnionWare continues to grow, so do the training needs. As fantastic as Murray is, we realized that he is only one man. Since cloning wasn't an option (yes we tried!), the next best thing was to hire another Documentation and Training Specialist – someone as fantastic as Murray! A quick referral from Murray brought Bill to our doorstep, having him leave behind his own training practice. In June, we were lucky enough to have Bill Boris join our Product Development team. You might be interested to know that Bill used to work as an Improv Actor and once won a Lexus in a hospital lottery! Welcome to UnionWare Bill!

New Client: United Government Security Officers of America

The UGSOA formed in November 1992 and represents 12,000 security officers across the US. Realizing that their current system was no longer providing them with what they needed, they approached us for a demo in March. It didn't take them long to decide that UnionWare was the right choice for them. By July, we had implemented Membership, Finance, Email Dashboards, and Cases for them. Very little customization was needed as they were blown away with all of the functionality there is with just our base product. Welcome to UnionWare UGSOA!