UnionWare News

Training: 1/2 Price Sale

Bill and Murray, your friendly UnionWare trainers, are making a plea to you - our most valued clients - to "get them out of here!" Canadian winters are somewhat beautiful, at least in pictures, but in reality they are very long and cold. They need a break so they've negotiated this great, somewhat self-serving, deal with the boss where you can purchase training sessions for half the regular price until the last day of winter (March 21st).

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New Client: UFCW Local 1518

The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1518 represents over 21,000 workers in British Columbia who are employed in a broad range of industries, including Retail, Healthcare, Industrial and Professional sectors. Work begins shortly to transition Local 1518 to the UnionWare Membership, Finances, Cases and ULink modules. We love the Vancouver area and are pleased to welcome Local 1518 to the UnionWare family.

UnionWare in the UK!

On September 10th, we had the opportunity to speak at the Trade Union Conference in Bournemouth, England on "The Power of Data". The talk focused on a few stories about how our clients use member data to better serve their members and to make more informed decisions! For instance, we told them about some of you who are using Member Resource Centers to provide more responsive service to members and the somewhat surprising result of getting even more responsive as you grow larger; which is the opposite of what one would expect. We also discussed how a few of you have automated the scoring of member engagement and how many of you integrate data from other sources and mine the intersection to make your membership information more meaningful.

The response to the talk confirmed for us that many of the issues facing unions in the UK are similar to those in North America. One interesting difference however is that most members seem to pay dues by direct debit. This really cuts down on the union's reliance on employers to remit dues and the associated member information. One down side however is that they miss out on information that employers typically do provide, like terminations, classification changes, name changes, etc. - information that can assist with determining correct dues rates and accurate work locations. One very large union was particularly interested in how our clients use Member Resource Centers to better serve their members. This is always a common interest among unions we speak with.

We'll be back in London in late November to speak at another event sponsored by the UK: Think-Tank Unions21. We'll keep you posted as we learn more about unions in the UK.

New Team Member: Jamie Fawley

In May 2013, Jamie Fawley joined the Client Services Team as their newest Developer. Jamie is a recent graduate from Red River College and this is his first IT position. Although he's quiet, he's had no issue holding his own around the office, picking up our technology processes quickly and has begun helping out with our client upgrades. Apparently Jamie has an incredible ability with video games... even becoming a diamond player in the online game League of Legends. Welcome to UnionWare Jamie!

New Client: Hospital Employees' Union

The Hospital Employees' Union represents more than 43,000 members who work for public, non-profit and private employers. We are honored that HEU selected us to help them transition from their custom membership application to a set of UnionWare modules including Membership, Finances, Cases, Events, and ULink. Welcome to the UnionWare family HEU!

New Team Member: Mitchell Heintz

Mitchell Heintz joined the UnionWare Team earlier this year as a Developer on our Client Services team. Hearing about UnionWare from his friend Stephen Pitre (a UnionWare Analyst), Mitch tried to obtain a position with us for more than two years. In March, Mitch's dream became a reality when he started as our newest team member. Never stop trying to achieve what you want! When he isn't at the office, Mitch loves spending time with his beautiful family, being outdoors, or playing football, baseball, and golf. Welcome to UnionWare Mitch!

New Product: ULink

We're thrilled to announce our newest product to join the UnionWare Enterprise suite, ULink.

Provide your staff with access to your organization's UnionWare data from virtually anywhere. Simple, intuitive, and powerful, ULink requires only a modern web browser or web-enabled mobile device... no software installation required. Its visualization tools will help you examine and understand your organization in totally new ways, a vital benefit in helping you truly see the "big picture".

Beginning September 2013, the first clients (v4.19 or higher is required) who implement ULink will become Early Adopters. Early Adopters have the benefit of getting the system first and are also invited to join monthly focus-group meetings where their input will assist in the direction of this product.

Check out the details or contact us for more information and pricing.

New Team Member: Clayton Auch

Clayton Auch, the Product Department's newest team member, became UnionWare's first Quality Assurance Analyst in March 2013. Clayton brings with him a wealth of QA knowledge, including experience in test automation. Working with each department to identify their QA needs, Clayton has been putting plans together on how things can be improved. He is a Winnipeg Bomber season ticket holder and loves watching Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park shows during his down time. Welcome to UnionWare Clayton!

New Client: Health Sciences Association of Alberta

The Health Sciences Association of Alberta represents over 24,000 paramedical technical, paramedical professional and general support employees. While attending a NUPGE (National Union of Public and General Employees) Conference, of which many of their member unions are UnionWare clients, HSAA heard many great things about us and decided to schedule a demo shortly after. They moved quickly through the sales process and almost immediately after their Discovery, HSAA became our newest client. Their implementation will begin early September and will include Membership, Finance, Cases, ULink, Events, Call Management and Contracts.

New Client: Michigan Nurses' Association

The Michigan Nurses' Association represents 10,000 registered nurses throughout Michigan. They began exploring alternative membership software systems after becoming concerned about the future support options of their custom developed software. UnionWare was in their top 4 choices and slowly we made our way to their final selection! This July, we will begin MNA's project to implement our Membership, Finance and Organizing Modules. Welcome to UnionWare MNA!